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A puppet on strings

It never is as it seems

No Sabaku Kankurou

Name: Sabaku No Kankurou
Age: 23
Birthday: May 15
Height: 5” 9’
Weight: (134.92 cannon) 150 lbs
Affiliation: SIB - Desk monkey of sorts (investigation though ...)

Kankurou was born into a household where normal was not something of the every day person. The one thing that was normal for Kankurou growing up was the role of mother and father. The No Sabaku head of house was always working and that included holidays and most weekends. Karura was a stay at home mom. To Kankurou, she was the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet. She was the perfect mother; loving, caring, and gentle. Of course, every small boy loves their mother in this same way.

The first strong memory that Kankurou has is that of his older sister, Temari, holding him in her arms. Her smiling face as he looked up at the world; that is what Temari has always been to him. Of course, because Temari is almost two years older than he is, they have always been close in a way that can't be explained. Temari looks like their mother, and thus, Kankurou views her with the same eyes as his mother.

One day, Kankurou remembers waking up and finding that his mother was gone. She wasn't standing in the kitchen making breakfast like she normally was. In her place was the unfamiliar face of their uncle. Up until that point Uncle Yashamaru wasn't a big part of the life of the two Sabaku siblings, but this was the start of something new. Yashamaru is a man of similar age and beauty to Karura, and he fit in almost seamlessly into this life. At this point, Kankurou ran to his sister, and crawled into her bed for comfort.

Neither of the siblings were to ever see their mother again. It turned out that when Karura got pregnant she became extremely ill, and the Sabaku No Head put her into a special hospital in hopes to see her recover. However, Karura died giving birth to the youngest of the Sabaku trio. For several years, the two oldest siblings were left out of what had happened, and the youngest sibling was kept out of the light.

One day, on the third year anniversary of Karura disappearance from the Sabaku No household, the two siblings were called into the office, where their father sat. A young red headed boy stood, grasping the back of the black leather swivel chair. As their father explained that this is the reason for their mother's death, Kankurou fills with contempt. This creature, this boy is the reason his beautiful mother is dead. As their father speaks, Kankurou glares at the boy, until he sees the look in his eyes. There is a look there that Kankurou had never seen before. It was a look of fear, or hurt, and most of all it was a look of being lost and lonely. In that moment, Kankurou realized that the hate he was feeling was unwarranted. It wasn't this boys fault that his mother was dead and it was obvious that he had had a traumatic upbringing. Kankurou knew that this boy, Gaara, need him to be the protector just like he had had Temari as his mother.

So that was how they grew up. Kankurou being the protector, the big brother to the other two, Temari being the mother, and Gaara being the little brother. It was all they needed. Their father was rich, and their Uncle was the closest thing to a mother they had. That was until the day he too died. It was a mere three years after the little brother, Gaara, was allowed to live in the main Sabaku house that Yashamaru was killed. The details of this murder was always fuzzy in Kankurou's mind, but he blamed them on his father and his activities.

Kankurou always knew that their was something fishy with his father. His suspicions flared when his mother disappeared, and were feed into a frenzy when he was lead to meet his Gaara. For years, Kankurou began to sneak into his fathers things, mostly the off limits office. Some of the items he found items that no young child should ever have to see. As Kankurou grew in age, he began to make conclusions. While Kankurou knew his father was the Chief of SIB, Kankurou began to realize that he was not a wholesome person. The Sabaku No head of house had stores of drugs, that he no doubt confiscated from cases, and then sold them. He was always off doing something, and that something was not always work, and Kankurou knew this. Gaara had been subjected to this, but no matter how much Kankurou tried to get this out of his brother, he wouldn't talk.

The day that Kankurou went to Yashamaru's funeral with his family, Temari leading her two younger brothers along in their black parade, Kankurou vowed to himself that he would find the reason for why his brother was the way that he was and why everyone around seemed to want to die. It was that day, that Kankurou realized he wanted to be a cop. He wanted to become better and more just than his father, and that is exactly what he worked up to

Every time that his family was made fun of in school, Kankurou would jump to conclusions and end up in a fight. No one would show up to the office to talk to the principle about his misbehavior. Kankurou could care less if people made fun of him, but the moment they started to make fun of Gaara or Temari, the kid would be close to hospitalized, or as close as he could get. People learned to respect the Sabaku No siblings, and they grew closer as thy grew up. Kankurou knew that each time he was sitting in those chairs, that he would find a reason to make his father pay attention to him. Each day, Kankurou became more motivated to stop the injustice in the world.

Kankurou grew up with a very motherly influence, in the form of his older sister, Temari. Following her example when his younger brother arrived, he began to take on the trait of being overprotective. He has a strong habit of putting his family before himself, even if it were a life or death situation. If it was for the better of those he loved (which is exclusively Temari and Gaara), than Kankurou will make sure that it gets done. Kankurou is a very suspicious person when it comes to outsiders. He looks on them with a wary eye, and it is very difficult to gain his trust. However, if someone does gain Kankurou’s trust then they will find themselves with a very good ally.

Kankurou is also a person who never really thinks anything through. He works on gut emotions and feelings. He often relies on his gut far too much. This habit gets him into a lot of trouble. However, he never gets into anything that he can’t handle. Majority of his strife and troubles are due to his role as the protector of his family. Due to their peculiar nature as a family, it was often that the trio would get made fun of. Normally, Kankurou would not take every insult seriously, but the second that Gaara or Temari would be mentioned, the insulter would find himself in quite the tough situation.

Just because Kankurou doesn’t generally think before he acts doesn’t mean that he doesn’t think at all. Quite the contrary. When Kankurou is left alone, his thoughts tend to run free, and sometimes they are not ones that he would freely think about in normal situations. Kankurou has a bad habit of over thinking situations, and when this happens, well, he jumps to conclusions and is back to his ‘normal’ self.

Talents: Kankurou is a good problem solver. When he gets down to it, he can create a solution to any problem put in front of him. This is what makes him a good cop. However, what is the problem is getting him to sit down and think, because Kankurou's first instinct is to run in head first and just do it. Kankurou is good at this tactic as well. He is not the biggest built man, but he has taken a beating enough to make it so he can take down even those larger than him. He is also good at being head strong. Kankurou is very good with his hands, and has improved his talent to a point where it is a skill.

Hobbies: There is one thing that Kankurou has never told anyone. This would ruin his 'bad boy/fun loving' reputation. Kankurou loves to make and play with puppets. It is something that he had first started from small pieces of wood, and he began to wonder how they would begin to fit together. He started making people, and it became more intense as he worked with the little puppets. In his room, Kankurou has several puppets that are man sized puppets, fully working and completely hand made. His three favorites go by the names of Karasu (crow), Kuroari (Black Ant), and Sanshōuo(Salamander). Every now and a again, Kankurou adds things to his puppets, and makes them more complex. You might find him dismantaling one of his puppets, just so he can put it back together better.

While Kankurou's favorite past time is puppet making, Kankurou does have a habit of finding fun in weird places. It is rare to see Kankurou not around his brother, but it happens. Kankurou does enjoy drinking, but he refuses to drink anything that is cheap. He enjoys his finer drinks. As long as it tastes good he is fine with it. Kankurou also enjoys gaming, as well as anything else that can be mind numbing. A good fight isn't out of the question either!

Orientation: Bi-Sexual